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Expect to find marvelous scenic sights on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, it's a beautiful place, and along the eastern coast amongst the magnificent Comox Valley exists Union Bay homes for sale. As an Oceanside community this small, friendly village has wonderful natural landscaping, from the dazzling waters of the Strait of Georgia to the coastal mountains that stand gigantic in the distance. This area used to be a major shipping port for the coal mine operations from the late eighteen hundreds to the mid nineteen hundreds. Now it offers a lucky bunch wonderful residential neighbourhoods and a fulfilling, laid- back lifestyle. The area is also known world- wide for their production of tasty shellfish called oysters, which remains a large contributor to the local economy. There are a few amenities to offer convenience for basic necessities such as a market with a little cafe, a post office, a bank, a boat launch, and nearby gas stations. A couple heritage buildings still stand, recently restored, and creating historic depth to the town's presentation. Union Bay homes for sale are incredible investments, and can be nurturing havens for a growing family, the retired, and the working. The surrounding region contains many rewarding past times and adventure to enhance overall living and happiness. For further amenity requirements the pleasant and diverse municipality of Courtenay is a short fifteen kilometers north.

Come enjoy the simple pleasures and qualities of Union Bay homes for sale and curb your homebuyer appetite for rural luxury.

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With plenty of backwoods and waterfront views, you will find attractive properties amongst Union Bay real estate. Private and pretty character homes are a real treat, the seafront houses get lots of attention, and several vacant lots are awaiting dream structures. If you are interested in learning more about Union Bay real estate and Union Bay homes for sale contact a local Realtor today.