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Langford real estate has numerous properties that can offer a pleasant place for you and your family to live, while keeping you close to work and schools. Langford is the largest of the western communities that run along side the Juan De Fuca Strait, and is still maintaining successful growth.

Situated two kilometres northwest of Colwood and at the beginning of the Malahat highway to Victoria, it is a prime location for people not wanting to live in the city or who can't afford to. Langford real estate still has plenty of character and choice with more affordable price tags. This region has built a name for itself as the 'commuter's town', because a large amount of Victoria's working force lives here.

Langford Homes for Sale - Indulge In Your Surroundings

Langford homes for sale advertise nice houses, respectable prices, and a hard to beat area full of wilderness and endless recreational activities. It is also a great place to raise a family, with many parks, and educational programs. It is home to one of Vancouver Island's largest high schools, Belmont, a strong foundation of School District 68.

One of the most visited attractions by locals and tourists is Goldstream Provincial Park. Here you will find nature trail walks that ultimately lead you to Niagara Creek where a scenic waterfall exists.
Langford homes for sale has what you are looking for, a house in your price range, a great, involved community, and limitless things for you to do, locally or in the big city of Victoria.

Who Needs Amusement Parks

Amongst the western communities of the Greater Victoria area, your active lifestyle can come alive. Try walking the Goldstream trail systems through Red Cedar trees that have reached six hundred years in age. Bring your rod and cast a line in hopes of snagging that trophy salmon. When you make it to Niagara Creek, keep a look out for clues of an old goldmine that once existed there. Also, listen closely for any train whistles in the distance, a wooden trestle still remains in use by Esquimalt and Nanaimo railways. Another popular trail used by many is the Galloping Goose, choose your travel: walk, bike, run, roller blade, or horse back ride.

Western Speedway draws huge crowds with its race car performances that are both exciting and action packed. Enjoy demolition derbies and adrenaline pumping races. With so much to do outside the city why bother fighting the traffic?

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